Main characteristics

 The diameter of the disk 
 480 mm 
 Load capacity
 100 kg 
 Maximum speed of rotation 
 10 rpm 
 Minimum rotation speed 
 1 revolution per hour 
  *   A description of the remaining parameters can be found in the Specification tab.

Shooting modes

Interval shooting with a stop rotation
Stop time and pause before shooting is adjustable. The maximum number of frames at 360 degrees is from 1 to 100,000
Interval shooting without stopping rotation
Each frame is photographed without stopping rotation, it is used in bright light to speed up the shooting process
Infinite rotation
Used for video shooting or 3D scanning
Rotate 90 degrees
Used to align the object


Rotary table1 piece
External control unit1 piece
Infrared remote control
1 piece
Power supply 12 volts
1 piece
Matte white plastic circle. Diameter 530 mm, Plastic thickness 0.5 mm
1 piece
Wire to sync with the camera
1 piece

PhotoPizza is an open source automatic turntable project

This means that you yourself can make a turntable according to our instructions and drawings (not for sale).

Read more on the project site

Created on the basis of the controller ARDUINO, and the new version (v5) uses ESPRUINO.

The relative size of the rotary tables PhotoPizza

Work with programs for remote shooting

The turntable can work autonomously, without the participation of a computer - it is convenient for taking pictures outside the studio.
Also, the rotary table can work in parallel with programs for remote shooting:

Supports most camera manufacturers
Imaging Edge
For Sony camerasFree
EOS Utility
For Canon cameras
Capture One
Supports most camera manufacturers

Programs allow you to see the photographed object in real time on a computer screen and adjust shooting parameters.

During shooting, photos can be automatically saved to your computer.

An example of using a turntable with the program digiCamControl

The video shows the old version of the turntable - PhotoPizza v2

Control of the rotary table: IR remote + WiFi

The rotary table can be fully controlled using an infrared control panel.

You can adjust all parameters, start automatic shooting or endless rotation in any direction.

To control via WiFi, a special Web application is used.

It works on any device with a modern browser.

This can be a phone, tablet or computer.

Synchronization with the camera
All DSLR cameras are supported.

The turntable controls the camera directly through a special connector for connecting a wired remote control.

  *   In order for us to choose the correct sync wire, please enter your camera model at the time of purchase.

External control unit

For convenient use of the turntable, the control unit is made in an external case.

These control units support rotary tables:

  • PhotoPizza D340
  • PhotoPizza D480
  • PhotoPizza D700
  • System for hanging objects + turntable for shooting jewelry
  • And even video, Time Lapse slider.

  *   At the time of purchase, you can choose the design of the control unit

They differ only in the case material.

Holes for attaching additional equipment

In the upper disk there are holes for attaching additional equipment.

As additional equipment may be:

  • Fastening for installation of the dummy
  • Fixator for objects
  • Equipment for shadowless shooting
  • Additional disk to increase the diameter

Disk to increase the diameter

On the turntable, you can install an additional disk for the expansion of the diameter.

There are several options for disk design. More information can be found on the page with additional equipment.

Сonnection diagram

Free photo-360 player for professionals 

The main feature of the service is that all photos are stored on your hosting. You have full control over the content and compression of photos.

Service is constantly evolving. Periodically, new features appear.

360 degree product photography examples

Examples provided studio


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Main characteristics
Load capacity 100 kg
Disc diameter 480 mm
Maximum speed of rotation 10 revolutions per minute
Minimum rotation speed 1 revolution per hour
Frames for 1 turn from 1 to 100,000 frames
Own weight and overall dimensions
Width 535 mm
Height 90 mm
Length 535 mm
Weight 9 kg
Infrared remote control Full control
WiFi Web application. Full control
Power supply
External power supply 12 Volt 3 Ampere

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Turntable PhotoPizza D480-WiFi-Auto

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